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    What you'll see and do with pack 3

Pack 3 builds on Pack 1 and Pack 2, with extended units on cross-curricular topics like 'MINI-BEASTS'.

Here, in 3 sample films you can see how the language is kept simple. Some real full-speed French is included, to give children confidence that they can work out the "gist" of what they hear, even if they can't follow every word.

You'll hear authentic French voices of children on a mini-beast hunt in a woodland park, and the 'Ecogarde' who helps them identify their finds on the forest floor - real everyday life and culture.

You'll maybe sing along with a class of French children singing the French version of 'Incy Wincy Spider'- and laugh at one of the jokes that were recorded by French children.

The full range of topics (see below) is chosen to help enrich your curriculum by embedding French into your class work in other subjects.


... read the chapter to go with this film

Early Start French 3 pack

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It's full of practical teaching ideas using the sample movie about 'Mini-beasts'.

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Each chapter in Pack 3's Teacher's Manual is full of suggested activities to develop the language and explore the culture shown in the films.

There are also Photocopiable activity sheets to support a variety of games and activities

and e-flashcards including Flashcards, songs and pronunciation guide for teachers - Find out more ->

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You can preview Early Start French 3

Extension Pack 3 builds on Early Start French Packs 1 and 2, meeting the needs of children who have already learnt the language for 2-3 years starting in year 3 or before.

We're really excited about this new resource, and look forward to seeing what you and your children at school think of its many innovative features.

When will it be ready?

New pack 3 for years 5 or 6 on their 3rd or 4th year of French

We saw French children on a mini-beast hunt (ch.3.4) and in a ballet class (ch.3.2).

Early Start French filming a mini-beast huntEarly Start French films ballet class
Filming in Béthune for Early Start French 3...

Des élèves du Bruaysis pris pour modèles en Grande-Bretagne

...the local paper, the "Voix du Nord" featured Early Start's filming in the Béthune area.

Here pupils in École Jacques Prevert, a primary school in Ruitz near Bruay sang some great songs with headteacher, Françoise Antit (pictured left) for Early Start French 3.

The children also told us jokes, re-told the story of 'Cendrillon' (Cinderella), described attractions they'd visited and enjoyed the rides at Béthune Fair.

Here are all the extended units
in Early Start French 3, "Ici et là"
- each section builds on previously-learned language skills,
helping children talk in French about what happens around them:
[continued from
Pack 1 and Pack 2]



QCA SoW links

1. Bonne Santé

Healthy eating;
past tense
context: making Crêpes; Quick fast food chain

unit 13

2. Les parties du corps

Parts of the body;
describing a person
contexts: ballet class, playing Twister

unit 4

3. À l'école du cirque

Leisure activities; language for PE
context: Lille Circus School

unit 10, unit 3

4. Les petites-bêtes

Context: Parc d'Olhain nature park

unit 4

5. Au zoo

Food chains;
where animals come from
context: Lille Zoo

6. Bienvenue au Maroc

French-speaking children in Morocco, a Muslim country in Africa
See also: Morocco Resource Pack

unit 20

7. En route pour l'école

How children travel to school;
routes to school;
Green Travel / improving my town.

units 7 and 15

8. Les quatre saisons

What French children do in different seasons, and different times of day:
poem about spring to perform

units 17 'Les quatre saisons' and 19

9. Le passé et le présent

Comparing with the past;
my town then and now.
context: sars-Poteries school centenary

unit 22 'Le passé et le présent'

10. Ici et là

Theme parks and other places to visit

unit 23 'Au parc d'attractions'

11. Cendrillon

Traditional tale in an historic setting
context: Château d'Olhain

unit 7 and others

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We saw French children learning acrobatic skills at the Circus School in Lille (ch.3.2)...

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We filmed children speaking French in Morocco (ch.3.5)...

...There's also a Morocco Resource Pack.

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We filmed a village school's Centenary celebrations in Northern France (ch.3.9)..

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Self-assessment tools:
quizzes for children

Self-assessment offers an informal and enjoyable way for pupils to record their progress: this helps you monitor their progress and inform your teaching.

Each chapter has an online assessment tool which pupils can complete and include in their European Language Portfolio.

You will receive log-in details when you purchase your pack. Go to THIS PAGE to log in.

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