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What's for Supper?
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With its themes of supermarket shopping and cooking food, this story is very popular. Its language is simple, and the story is very accessible to young beginners - with good potential cross-curricular links.

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What's for Supper bilingual book
Your children will enjoy reading the book with French and English parallel texts -also in Spanish

Story summary:
Dad and his children are cooking tonight, but first they have to go shopping at the supermarket.
They want to keep the dish a secret from Mum.
What can they be making?

Cross-curricular links

The story's text is about choosing ingredients for the meal: what Dad and the children need to put in the secret dish they're going to make, and also expressing preferences, what they like.

The story can form part of a unit of work in which children design and make their own food, such as a sandwich, a pizza or a pancake with fillings.

It links with Healthy eating.

Web links from the CD-ROM lead to some suggested recipes - written in French - that children could follow as part of a 'making ' project.

Some of the varied activities on the CD-ROM
As well as the story - beautifully told in French by a native speaker - you'll find...

step through the story: you can choose whether to see the text or just hear it, and also whether to see the English version.
as you hear the story and see it written, can you spot whether the highlighted-letter is silent?... 'Simon Says...': when you hear a French word, click on the correct picture...
..sort the jumbled words of a sentence from the story..
...a new version of Hangman: guess the word in time for dad to rescue his cooking from the oven!...
...and spot the phoneme - in this case, searching for the sound [k], which can be written in different ways in French...

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