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I want my Banana!
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This story's theme is survival in the jungle: Monkey has to be wary of which other animals are really out to eat him. The story raises the question of whether his biggest threat is MAN, whose activities may bring extinction to both tigers and monkeys - and the whole jungle habitat which gives food and shelter to Monkey and the other animals...

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Your children will enjoy reading the book with French and English parallel texts -also in Spanish

I want my banana - Python
Est-ce que tu veux une orange? dit le Python. C'est bon et juteux.

Story summary:
Monkey's hungry, but he can't find his banana.
Some fearsome jungle creatures offer him tasty alternatives, but monkey isn't convinced of their generosity.

Some of the varied activities on the CD-ROM
As well as the story - beautifully told in French by a native speaker - you'll find these activities and more...

see and hear the story at whatever pace you choose - with options to repeat, see or hide the text, and see English if you want. 'Hangman' with a twist - each correct letter guessed takes Monkey nearer his banana, but make too many wrong guesses, and Tiger will pounce... "Simon Says..." - you hear a word and have have a few seconds to pick the right picture.. the picture reveals, how quickly can you guess the word in French? ..
...'Hear a sentence from the story - then re-arrange the jumbled words you are given to write out that sentence...
...and a fun QUIZ, to help children understand the story, and focus on some linguistic points..

Puppets to act out stories with jungle animals...

Your class can act out the story, with one puppet for each character:
I Want my Banana - Finger puppet set
I Want my Banana - Finger puppet set
(L to R) ...Python, Parrot, Hyena (* see note) and Tiger.

* The dog stands in for a hyena puppet - it's the nearest we could find!

Act out drama in the jungle with inespensive finger-puppets...

Buy the set: of 5 characters, only £

SAVE! - nearly £2 off the price of 5 puppets bought individually!

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